10 Reasons to Love Finnish Forest!

There are so many ways how forests can make you healthier and happier. Here are the 10 best reasons why you should go and have a walk in the woods, especially when in Finland.

1. Fresh Air

Enjoy the fresh air and the scent of the forest

2. Clean Water

Forest lakes are great places to to have a swim or just refresh after a long walk

3. Quietness of the Forest

Slow down and enjoy the silent sounds of the forest

4. Beauty of Nature

Enjoy the beautiful scenery

5. Always Something New to See

Nature changes constantly so forest is a bit different on every visit

6. Source of Inspiration

Nature is the greatest source of inspiration

7. Source of Energy

Walk in the woods gives much more energy than what it takes

8. Stress Free Zone

Finnish forest is a completely stress free environment

9. Berry Picking & Mushroom Hunting

Forest is also a source of food

10. Coffee Tastes Much Better Outdoors!

Coffee tastes even better when enjoyed outdoors

Model: Katarina
Location: Liesjärvi National Park, Finland

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